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Too Much Music

2007-10-16 17:27:25 by D-Hawk-2007

I not sayin this is a bad thing or anything, But I think there are more music in NG than anyone could possibly need, basically the idea of providing flash animators with music, Audio Portal is turning into music reviewing, scoring and showing off kinda thing. Much like another version of Deviantart but Music instead of Art, I'm start to think that no matter how good my music is there lesser and fewer chance of it being heard or used, for example 5/10 gets heard or used in an animation, probably 2/10 in the next year or so. Not sayin not sayin it a bad thing I am impressed how NG is managing all these music but does it really worth putting the effort in your music or audio? what do you think??

Too Much Music


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2007-12-07 15:27:54

Submitting a kick ass song with tons of effort will most likely get you recognition in the end anyway

Keep tryin' =)


2008-04-25 19:17:47

I love stopping in here and listening to the music around here anyway, no matter the rating. There's so much music around that you pretty much have to dig through to find the gems in the garbage. It's like any big site.


2009-03-16 23:34:03

i like you music dude